Fill The Void – August 30, 2016


My 1k balloons arrived.  Look how cool they are.  On Tuesday August 30th, I will be blowing up 1k balloons and filling the void located at Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmannstrasse (A corner lot that will be a construction site starting in September 2016.)  Blowing up the balloons and placing them in the location will take about four hours but I’m going to start at 1300 so that I have plenty of time before I’ve asked people to come and take a balloon and get their portrait filling the void.

The installation/ art happening is called Fill the void and I’m asking people to come and share how they fill the void.   They can interpret that anyway they want.    I will photograph them with a balloon and if they share with me how they fill the void, I will photograph them with that notecard too so that I can keep track of the person and the void they fill.  I will be videotaping the process and the end result but I will be photographing the people because I’m one person.

The balloons are blue.

Why did I pick blue?   The artwork created by HNRX is red and looks kind of like a shrimp so my balloons will be the waves of a sea underneath.  Waves of change.  Waves of enlightenment. Waves of tired Mingas ready to relax and have a beer.

Blue has so many symbolic meanings which can also be associated with the project but I wanted to let you know that I picked blue because of water and waves and the serene feeling blue gives me.  I also want to give Maxvorstadt a big dose of blue colour therapy too.

If you want to join me, I will be blowing up balloons most of the afternoon. If you want to participate, you are welcome to come at 1900 on August 30th to the corner or Schleissheimerstrasse and Rottmannstrasse, Munich Germany (Near Stiglmaierplatz)


Crush Installation at Odeonsplatz

Here is the Odeonsplatz Installation.  There are four pieces of artwork and a video.  The installation is called Crush.

It originally was about a man I saw in the subway and then nobody showed up at my studio at Frauenstrasse 18 and I decided that the Crush would be TMNK a/k/a Nobody.   12469613_888031357971622_8695749958193068189_o

The piece on the left is by me (Emmy Horstkamp) and the piece on the right is by TMNK “Nobody.”   The video which is behind Nobody in the photo below loops from 900 in the morning until 2200 in the evening.  The video was created before the artwork and talks about being crushed.12494540_954368164618331_1522659990_o

The artwork on the wall is “crushed” together as the artwork would be on a street wall.  Nobody wanted the artwork to be on all four walls of the window but, if I asked him to paint a street wall several times, you would only see the last work which is what I’ve done in this installation. Behind my plan b Dorothy image and his praying man are two more images he created while at my studio.12494600_954368694618278_1762917436_o12511012_955085537879927_1609302309_o

The installation will be on the walls until the 30th and then I will be installing a new installation that will be up during the month of February.  The opportunity to put a second installation on the walls was offered to me yesterday and now, I have a few weeks to make a new video and artwork for the walls.  This time, the installation will be just me.  I don’t have time to collaborate with another artist but I have an idea for the video. This time, I will be working with the whole space of the window including the glass. (I have window markers and I’m not afraid to use them.)

Ice cold – Isar not my Heart

Another self portrait day bites the dust. 

I just made a 100 theme list for an artist to use for her coloring book. I’m going to make it 365 themes and make that a Munich artists challenge book that can be used for photography, journaling or drawing. I will use it personally starting in September.


This was the first shot and i knew i could do better.

All i needed to do was put my feetninto the water

All i needed to do was put my feetninto the water

next to a pile of rocks

next to a pile of rocks

and capture my shadow

and capture my shadow

and the way the  water moved around my legs

and the way the water moved around my legs


and my feet

and my feet

and reflected the sun

and reflected the sun

 Here is a bonus video snippet raw and unedited. Slow motion water  


Day 12 Munich artists self portrait challenge – bag

Here I am taking a doll dress out of a bag. This is a shot looking down at my desk. As you can see I doodle while I work.  


The Changes Come Through the Light

New Traffic Lights in Munich, Germany

Earlier this month, I noticed the change in traffic lights when I was heading down to the studio and I posted the photo on Instagram.  Now I see that a similar image is on CNN which is kind of cool.

I still have not seen the heterosexual light so I will go look for it next week. Theoretically, the two guy one could be unisex sort of like the gender neutral “He.”  Either way, I hope we get to keep the lights. It is fun to see them and they are such a lovely message of acceptance.  The lights also add a bit of charm to the neighbourhood.  Maybe we should have specific street lights for different neighbourhoods.  I would put the surfers down by the Haus der Kunst.  Put artists in Maxvorstadt.  Students near the University.  Cows down by the slaughter house.  Climbers down by my house where we have the largest climbing center in Europe.  Farmers down by the Large Vegetable Market.  Cars over by the BMW factory and Museum…  You get the idea.  Why should all the traffic lights look the same throughout the city.  We all know that stop is red and green is gooooooooo.

Emmy-horstkamp-traffic-light-munich-germany-july-2015 emmy-horstkamp-everything-for-the-men-july-2015