KloHaeuschen Spa Article in MucBook

I had a great time with journalist Leonie Meltzer at the KloHaeuschen Spa.   The spa is now in its second week and I’ve started working on the KloHaeuschen Spa memoir.

The memoir was not a planned part of this project but an idea added on after guests started telling me stories.  This was an unexpected and happy surprise for me so I decided to do something with these shared words.

The memoir will be a combination of their words and mine – their experience and a few of my lifetime experiences released at the KloHaeuschen Spa.

Want to know how I write? You can read a few flash fiction stories here.


Video about Syria and Asylum Seekers

I’m working on an installation for the Long Night of the Museum about Asylum Seekers.  My pieces is a sculptural installation combining a website Madeyourbed and a physical metal sculpture embedded with stories and dreams.  Nothing is on the website yet.  It will be populated with images and video later this month.

emmy photo collage isarprinzessin and lond on streetart

Playing with an Instagram Photo

In my instagram feed, this self portrait by Isarprinzessin flew by and I decided I wanted to play with her face and this great eye expression looking upwards so I took a screenshot of the image and did the following:

Actual screenshot of isarprinzessin this morning with the title confusing world.

the photo grunged up in my snapseed app.

put the photo intomulitexposure and combines it with an image of the Munich sky to get the tones of blue. This app crops into a square for instagram so I had to pick what part of the photo I wanted. I wanted to keep Prinzessin and Instagram so off went her chin.

the filters in multiexposure allow you to do very graphic work. I liked this image very much but decided not to share it on instagram. I think I will use her face more often (I have permission to use this photo. I asked before posting because I live in Germany and there is no fair use of intellectual property.)

The next three photos are the most like Graffiti which was my initial aim when I saw her instagram photo.

  This is a girly photo.  Street art butterfly from london and then Instagram photo combined.

BNW version of the girly shot which feels less girly with the color removed. I think I will use this image as a background for some word art.

The image below is my favoruite but not liked on instagram (I’m guessing b/c of the religious reference).

I saw this rosary hanging on the side of the garbage room and I snapped a photo yesterday and then when I saw her looking up in the instagram photo, I decided I wanted her looking up at the rosary.  I have the Mullraum sign in another shot but I didn’t want to be so obvious for the internet. I will save that for a piece of street art.  The combination of the two photographs seemed appropriate for her caption “confusing world.”

I think religion makes the world confusing for many people especially when you are introduced to many religions and cultures. This confusion makes people step away from God instead of searching for him.  People search for something else thinking that religion equals God instead of questioning the religions that try and enforce a concrete idea of God.  Having grown up Catholic, I discarded religion as unnecessary for my spiritual growth when my experiences no longer matched with the religious dogma and could never be aligned.  I do respect other people’s need for religion so I asked permission before posting this image. I I didn’t want to offend isarprinzessin  if she had a strong belief in a specific religion.  I had permission to use the photograph but I wanted to make sure she was ok with how I used it. I got the green light on all the types of collage work so that is why  I’m sharing it with you. If you have a photo / self portrait that you want me to use for a collage, you are welcome to send it to me at emmy@kyfio.com   Please make it very clear that I have full permission to use the photograph under the creative commons and since I sell my artwork, I would need this stated very clearly.

Day 29 Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge – Museum spiel – Lets Play with Museum Signs

For Today’s challenge I went downtown and grabbed a cup of coffee and then started walking to different museums to snap photos of their signs and myself in front of the buildings.   I got bored of doing this after the 3rd museum so decided that was enough for the challenge.

The following are the photos that I snapped edited and collaged on my iphone 6 plus.

emmmy smile smirk

I’m so happy that I can wear a jacket! This is the expression I’m giving you. I took six shots with six different expressions and decided to use this smile/smirk. I do this alot so it seemed very me.

See my hair has a mind of its own.

Residenz Museum sign

Residenz Museum sign

Spielzeugmuseum sign

Spielzeugmuseum sign

Closeup of the second Spielzeugmuseum sign where I cropped out just the word museum

Closeup of the second Spielzeugmuseum sign where I cropped out just the word museum

Kunsthalle Museum sign

Kunsthalle Museum sign

In the next two shots, I played with the cropped museum sign word and my image in front of the Residenz. I layered the word museum so it would fit into a square. Initially I was going to make museum fill the square but then I decided to have it over my eyes.  In the photo where you can’t see my eyes, the photo represents artists being blinded by art/museums. In the second, I’m the museum filled with curated ideas and memories.

emmy horstkamp blinded by museum August 2015

I will work on this piece a bit more and erase my eyes. I find this version a bit creepy but interesting. Photo collage by Emmy Horstkamp Blinded by Museum August 2015 Iphone 6 plus

"I am Museum" by Emmy Horstkamp photo collage iphone 6 plus August 2015

This image will be worked on a bit more with photoshop. I will then probably use it for an encaustic art piece using an image transfer technique. I like how that looks on the wax. “I am Museum” by Emmy Horstkamp photo collage iphone 6 plus August 2015

I’ve Got a Bike And so Does Every German Which Is Why I Made This a Theme for Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge

You can’t hide behind your bike like you can hide behind your car.  If you see someone you don’t want to see, you have to hop on your bike and ride like a madman in the opposite direction.  Bikes and Wheels are a favourite for my street photography but not for my illustrative art. I once drew a pen and ink of wheels and the art instructor kept telling me they represented breasts. Since then, I take out any kind of sexual reference from my work when it includes wheels or two circles (when I can.)

If you know me, I’m not focusing on sex. I focus on things like my sanity, your sanity, home, my cultural identity.  Sex is not a topic. The closest I got to making a sexual piece was last week’s encaustic piece which was sensual but not erotic.  Brigitte Pruchnow touched the piece which made me happy but panicky after someone bought it. Such a dilemna when an art piece has been made to be touched!

When my art is still in the studio, I can do what the heck I want with an art piece but once it is bought, the buyer has an expectation that the piece will look like the photo/exhibition display/studio visit. The piece is at my house right now until it is collected and it is hard not to go and melt the circle a bit and add a bit more wax.  luckily I have another piece that I’m working on with the same words to distract me. It will be more illustrative with hands… I think.  I find with encaustic, my plans just go flying out the window after the second layer of wax.  It is just too much fun and I enjoy more abstracted pieces even when I’m collaging.

“Hello. Touch Me.” Encaustic on Wood. July 2015. 40 x 40 In Private collection. (Sold.)

This morning the theme is bikes and I started snapping photos of bike shadows and the table at a cafe near Gartnerplatz.  I would have snapped a photo of the two gay men pinching each other’s nipples while on their bikes and waiting for the light to change but I am supposed to be photographing myself so I refrained from taking the shot. Also, in Germany I would need their permission to use the photograph and that is a kill joy for spontaneous shots like the image I saw.  Your behaviour in Germany is private unless a group of you are pinching each other nipples, then I could photograph you but then I would not be interested because it would probably be photographed by 100s of other German photographers.   Back to bikes.

Closeup of the cafe table. I like the textures in this shot.

shadows near my cafe table which include a bike.

shadows near my cafe table which include a bike.

Hiding behind my bike

Hiding behind my bike

Same hiding shot in monochrome

This is how I stand when I’m waiting for the light to change. I used a tripod and an arm to capture the overhead shot.

I like the handle bar shot and may try a closer version of this later on or one that is even higher up. The problem with this shot is that I look like a playmobil character.

Let the fun begin. collaging the images shown above.

second version of monochrome collage

Now bring in the colour.

Looking for ways to break up that big black block from the original shot. I added the bike shadow from the cafe table.

The Garden – Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge

The last couple of days I have been taking only one to three photos and layering them into a final piece which means I did not have extra shots to share. Today’s theme changed that. I have lots of photographs that I’m happy to share.  I took the shots using my tripod, a photo stick attached as an arm (cost is 8 Euro for those silly arms everyone carries around) and my iphone 6 plus (photo processing in snapseed). Here I am playing explorer in my garden.

Emmy Horstkamp Exploring her Garden

I like this photo so much I may print it. I decided to use the grunge filter on snapseed which added the nice texture. It is the first time I’ve used the grunge filter and I’m happy with the results. I may even use this shot in an ecaustic piece.

Emmy Exploring black and white

This is the exploring shot desaturated. The garden is so full of color right now that it overwhelms me. All those shades of green! I will have fun playing with this shot in all kinds of arrangements. I tried the grunge filter and loved it and will work on creating an illustration around the photograph (now that I have a lightbox I can do that.)

Desaturated and blur added. I wanted to focus on me as a plant in my back yard reaching my hands up to the sun. (I shot this in the morning.)

Desaturated shot. I love this photograph in both color and without color thanks to the sun’s yellow on my skin. I promised myself to do everything on the phone for the challenge but I may take this photo into photoshop and do a bit of work just to clean it up a bit.

It isn’t as dramatic with colour but I love the color on my skin from the light. I wish I had moved over a bit so that it touched both arms. I will work on this photo in photoshop but I like the composition. I also think this shot will go into my illustratation folder. I want to make that into a little series.

Desaturated iphone 6 plus photo. I like the composition. I like this shot better without color but then I like most things without colour.

emmy in garden with sun on face and eyes closed

I would work on this photo in photoshop to differentiate the greens a bit. It feels like they are all the same right now. I would want them to be darker. I would want those leaves on the ground to be more prominent. I am ok with me. I can’t straighten my shirt without being too invasive but I might crop it a bit more.

emmy and a tree

I used this shot for the challenge. I found it funny. It reminds me of those baby shots where people pose babies in weird angles or a shot from the 20s where a woman is doing something very athletic but wearing high heels and with full makeup. I tried making myself look like I was being swallowed by a plant… my backyard is in full foliage and is a bit like a jungle. My hair is everywhere too which would drive some people crazy but it is how my hair is.  It is always all over the place except the hour when I leave the hair salon.

Day Twenty – Ignored him and He Gave Me His All

My little tomato plant that is. For day 20 of the Munich Artists Self Portrait challenge, we are supposed to create a photograph with some produce. I decided to highlight my little tomato produced in my garden by a very tiny plant for a very disinterested artist.    I used my iphone 6 plus and a tripod.  The light is not so great today.  This would have been an excellent day to have either lighting or my canon camera.  Oh well.  This is an iphone challenge for me and I’m learning the challenges of photographing with my iphone.

Focus is not quite there for this shot.

Covering my 3rd eye

I like how it is shaped like my chin.

This shot reminds me of Star Trek. I’m a Borg.

With this shot I played with layering the photograph on the iphone. I like this image and will continue to play with this idea.