Current artistic themes:

  • Street photography
  • Multiculturalism
  • Home/Identity
  • Transformation
  • Life and Death – Belief
  • Preciousness of digital artwork

Photography and Video

I’m fascinated by my urban environment and look for ways to share the beauty of urban life, debris and decay. I look to capture small aspects of my environment that are constantly changing.   I found that personal adverts posted on  the streets of Munich change often and reflect a rhythm of life within the city.

Melted Words Series

What is more valuable?  Words? Photographs? Paintings? I explore this question by combining words, photography and other art pieces and asking the the viewer to choose what is considered art.  In this series, I uses collage, encaustic wax, ink and pigments on digital art pieces manipulating the original images to “add” art value to an original digital art piece.

Installation and Collaborative Work

I create installations that focus on taking an intellectual idea and translating it into a sensory experience.  My desire with installations is to figure out the essence of an experience and bring out emotions in the viewer.

Artists Statement

The overall themes in my artwork are Identity, Absolute Truth, Connection & Home.

Through installations, I focus on these intellectual ideas and work to translate them into sensory experiences.  I want to figure out the essence of an experience and use it to bring out emotions in the person experiencing the installation and have them connect intuitively with my art and the theme I am exploring.

Many of my art projects are collaborative and participatory requiring the interaction of another individual for the piece to be complete.  My installations push at people’s personal boundaries and ask for the person experiencing the art piece to stop for a moment and examine themselves and their beliefs.

I see the creative process as an art form and look for ways to create things that morph into something else.  If the art idea is organic, at what point does it no longer belong to the original artist? Who is the final owner of the intellectual property created organically through the thoughts of many? How long does it take for the original artist to let go?

Through my street photography I look at the idea of connection.  How do city residents talk and share their personal needs to strangers in public spaces. In Munich, I document how residents communicate through written messages at street corners and utility boxes and construction fences and how in a society focused on order and cleanliness, this style of communication is accepted and used freely to share personal details and stories.

Where I’m  Located

My Studio is located in Munich, Germany.  I’m not phone friendly so the best way to track me down is by email me at emmy@kyfio.com  In the afternoons you may find me at Frauenstrasse 18, 80469.

If you want to dig a bit further into my work, you can follow me on Munich Artists or on Facebook, or on instagram (I post there daily for Munich Artists.)