Perfect Cup of Coffee Installation January 2018


Text for The Perfect Cup of Coffee

By Emmy Horstkamp



We all have an idea of what is the perfect cup of coffee.

The other morning I walked into a coffee house and a man with a thick blonde beard and a white golden retriever asked for a cup of slow-drip filter coffee.  The woman behind the counter nodded and walked over to the other counter and reached for a kit which contained a filter, a ceramic triangle to hold the filter, a metal stand to hold the ceramic triangle and a cup. 

She placed the cup under the metal stand and then put ground coffee into the filter inserted into the white triangle. She boiled water and slowly poured the water into the triangle and the coffee slowly began to trickle into the glass.  I watched a young man order a cup of Oma’s coffee and shook my head.

That contraption could not make my perfect cup of coffee. I grew up with Oma coffee and the little grains that escape into the cup-like sand settling into the bottom of your swimsuit.  Oma used a white coffee pot with a silver insulation sleeve and put the pot on the table with one of her fruit tortes for a quiet Sunday afternoon of family conversation and peering out the window at the neighbours.

To me, a perfect cup of coffee is one that appears in my hand after a few seconds and tastes exactly the same day after day.  It has nothing to do with family or social interaction. The perfect cup of coffee keeps me company as I write words or read a book about dust and is what it is without too much effort or fanfare.

My perfect cup of coffee is consistent, dependable, energising and tasty but not temperamental or waiting for the wave of a magic barista wand. Many mornings, this cup of coffee appears in my kitchen from a capsule purchased in a pack of ten.  Ten opportunities never wasted —Ten opportunities always welcomed and appreciated.

I love coffee so much that I dreamed of a man who was my perfect cup of coffee.  He was dependable, a bit sweet, energising and exactly what I needed to make my day complete.  This man smiled at me in my dreams and when I woke up I knew I wanted this man in my life.

How do you find a dream man? Being a stubborn optimist, I made this my 2018 goal and am now on the hunt for a golden capsule of a man to add to my daily routine.

The echo of the dream vibrates through my body and the memory of our soul kiss drives me forward to find him and never let him go.  This dream man makes my day complete and he is the perfect cup of coffee to kickstart my days.

As I search for this man, I hope you each have or find someone to quench your thirsty soul.  Don’t let go or give up.  There is a perfect cup for everyone, a tasty drink that will last a lifetime.

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