Photo Book Dummy Review at Good Transfer Gallery in Munich, Germany

I wrote about this today on Munich Artists so I thought I would share some information about what I’m doing with my photography and the feedback shared at the book dummy critique.

The Book Dummy

For a few years, I’ve been taking photos of the paper on the streets of Munich.  This first started with construction fences and then moved to the street poles.

The content of fences and poles changes quickly in some areas of the city more than others and after looking at some of the photo books at the Good Transfer Gallery, I may start documenting poles as part of my art practice. (Goal for 2017)

For the review, I brought my street pole dummy book and I told the group the issue I was having with the idea.


Photo of Munich Poles – Do you remember this dog? He was never found and may still be running wild through Munich.
Lots of Munich Poles by Emmy Horstkamp for photo book. (Top photo has gesso added)
Street pole in Munich Germany. Experimenting with painting on the pole  – This photo has gesso added.


  • Issue:  How do I get people to draw in the book?
  • Solution:  Tell them to decorate the pole.  Ah, so easy.

The photo book contains lots of images of poles and I hope people will be willing to decorate the poles or, clean them up by just adding gesso.  So the instructions will say, decorate the pole or clean up the pole with white paint.  Those are the options I’m going to offer people in the short and sweet instruction page.

Now that we have solved the instruction manual part, I can proceed and will have this book on Amazon in a few weeks.

Fine Art Book 

I have been working with encaustic for awhile now and I shared these pieces below which are based on my pole photos.


Artwork by Emmy Horstkamp 2016


The art pieces above are my pole photographs abstracted using ink and encaustic.

The guys encouraged me to make limited edition books so this series will turn into artists books.

They art books will be in a series of five all books will have hand dipped pages. I still have to figure out how I want to bind the books or if I will be making book boxes to hold the book pages. I have them dipped in wax to keep them forever.


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