KloHaeuschen Spa – November 5 – December 9, 2016


And this is how we are ending 2016.  The KloHaeuschen Spa is one of my favourite installations of this year because it is located in Sendling and it integrates the different parts of my art practice into one completed piece.

The installation opened on Saturday with an open house for people to see the inside of Das KloHaeuschen.  The space is a men’s toilet house that was closed down a few years ago and then converted into an art idea.

I say art idea because it isn’t an art space.  Das KloHaeuschen is an entity that the artists must interact with and work with to create their installation.   When I first heard about the toilet house, I thought it would be fun to work with the idea of dirty words and getting rid of them playing on the idea of “potty mouth,” but when I entered the space, the idea of turning Das KloHaeuschen into a place to be relaxed and centered became my focus.

I liked the idea of taking a men’s toilet house, a place where men went to “relax” and making it into a place where women would want to relax.  combining those two very different spaces into one.

Through the spa treatments, I will be collecting video and audio clips which I will use to make a final video and I will be writing a memoir during the installation which I will publish in December 2016 as the spa closes its doors.

I will keep you updated over the next few weeks on the progress of the spa and you can follow the spa on our Facebook page or on the KloHaeuschen Spa website.

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