Do you Remember? Street Photography Series

Did you know that I’m a digital girl grasping at ways to make my digital work feel more unique?

This month, I decided to take one of my photos each day and print four prints.  I thought about destroying/deleting the image file after printing four art prints but then I decided to keep the file and archive it.  I’m treating the files as negatives and I may even look for a way to put my digital files on a negative but even though I am keeping the file, I will only create four prints.

From the four prints I’m making, I’m putting one A4 print each day on Ebay.  Sometimes the print will have a starting bid of a Euro and sometimes it will have a starting bid of 4,95. I decided to vary the price based on my love of the photo.  Today, I like this photo but I don’t love it as much as the last two days. I thought about raising the price of the photo I took on March 1st because I really really like it but then where is the fun in that?

I’m calling The series “Do you remember” because the images are always from the day before.   I got the idea from my instagram feed when someone liked a photo from 50W ago. The person scrolled through all my photos and like a photo almost a year old.  I liked that idea and decided to make it more immediate. We have a tendency to only remember important events so my photograph is trying to help you remember something from the day before or, create a memory for the person to remember the next day.

I’m sharing my story behind my image in the ebay description so if you click on Ebay above, you can go read the story behind the photographs.

The Wrong Side of the Street, March 2016 by Emmy Horstkamp



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