A Day in the Life of Munich Artists

My iphone has a wiggly photo quirk which is not acceptable for my art nor for the website so I broke down yesterday and purchased an A6000 Sony as my backup camera.

I took the Sony out for a spin today with mixed results.  I decided to share those results with you. When I take photos with my canon or my iphone, I’m pretty stingy shooting so I don’t have to wade through 100s of photos.  Today,  I let myself snap and took  100 photos this morning holding the camera through my sunroof, next to the window, as I walked without trying to focus on composition.  The end result is a bit crazy but is an accurate record of my day from 600 until 1300.  (WARNING: Lots of photos)

600 Walk the Dogs

Zoe and Winston wondering why I’m on the computer before taking them for a walk.
back of my door with all the dog leashes


800 Leave to turn on Installation at Odeonsplatz


This cleaning crew guy did not want his photo taken because he said he wasn’t sure where I would use it. I told him I was an artist and I was photographing cute men. He thought that was funny but I didn’t try snapping another photo. His suit is bright orange.  This needed to be in color.



I like this photo.



I like this shot.


I like this shot.

930 Visit Art Installation At ISPO


I like this shot.
I liked the sticker.
I like this shot.





1330 Drive to Gerstaecker art store 


1420 Leave art store and head home through the city (photos are not in order)




1500 Home

I like this photo a lot.
Favourite shot of the day


I used black and white most of the day but I have the camera set in raw format plus JPG so the files are both in Jpg and raw in case I want them in colour for the seven that are my favourites.


From the raw photography workshop I took last year, many of the shots I took today would be mood shots adding to the overall feeling of the composition. I’m still working on incorporating some of raw elements into my artistic style.

I will be working on my Feb installation video tomorrow and installing the magnets on the fabric so the artwork stays up on the wall for 28 days. If you want to see the installation, you can see it at Odeonsplatz during the month of February 2016.

If you want to visit the studio, I will be back at Frauenstrasse 18 on Friday from 1000 until 1500 and then on Monday.





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