Work in Progress: Take a Minga Pill (Chill Pill)

Work in Progress.   I took this photo earlier in the week and pivoted my installation to incorporate a pill called a Minga Pill.  It is based on the chill pill.  The people in Munich are more laid back than in other areas of Germany (As chilled as Germans can get.)

The pill is referencing the Matrix.  I never seem to leave Munich so what does that say about my reality and the choices I make?  Have I ingested a Minga Pill? If I take one of the other pills will I end up in another reality?

The installation I’m creating is for the whole month of Feb. and Valentine’s day is smack dab in the middle of the month. The installation working title is “I pierced your heart and you shattered my soul” which is uplifting and romantic, right?


Here is the initial layout of the Minga Pills dipped in encaustic. There will be two layers for the installation but only the front layer will be visible in that display window with the super bright lights (I’m not attempting to backlight these.)   Instead, I will have a second layer to the installation that is on LED boards that are super bright and will flash in front of this wall of pills. I’m working on the LED boards today so I have no photos to share at the moment.

The LED boards will be the shattered layer of the installation (I am not shattering those boards, they are too freaking expensive.) I’m using paper, ink and encaustic to show shattered and placing the finished artwork on the LED boards hanging in front of the pills but behind the Video screen.


Art Dilemma: Encaustic drip on my nice smooth encaustic piece.  The problem is if I iron it, there will be iron marks. I tried putting it on the warming pan and then it got this weird pattern.  I tried scraping it off of different piece and that worked but left a mark so, now, I’m trying to figure out whether I want to have a pimple or a scar?

The pierced layer will be a video. I’m sourcing video clips today. I’m using old video clips of people who looked pierced… or devastated or something along that lines. The video idea is still not concrete…we have 8 days to make it which is plenty of time to pivot in a totally different direction.



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