Self Portrait Series – More Than A Sugar Coating

emmy horstkamp-self-portrait-v11-background-image-january2016emmysselfportraitwithlightshadows
More Than A Sugar Coating – January 2016  Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp Digital/Encaustic Work in Progress

This photograph was taken this morning as I worked on something else.  I’m working at home and my blinds have these little spaces that create interesting shadows on my walls and on my face.

I decided this would look interesting for the more than a sugar coating series and snapped a photo.  Of course my house has house things in it and I decided to photoshop them away and add a few more shadows.  In the final piece I will work on those shadows a tiny bit before printing and working on them.

The whole More than a sugar coating comes from the following story that I wrote:

Girl, look at me.

Once I was young and l dreamed, like you. My head and heart were filled with dreams – fantasies that I carried around like the queen’s jewels.

Learn from me girl. Go out and make a beautiful reality with your dreams, don’t just keep them inside.

Girl, please, look at me.

Know that you can’t rely on your external beauty for happiness. It’s like a sugar coating on a gumball. It wears off, leaving behind something bland and tasteless. Make sure you’re a bon bon and not a gumball. Make sure that you are more than just a sugar coating with nothing interesting inside.

Why will you not look at me, girl?

My memories are there, lining my face and shining in my eyes. I lived my life. I loved life. Make sure you live a life you love.

Take a good look at me girl, and learn. The truth is there even if you don’t want to believe it.


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