Munich Artists 14 Colour Challenge

Bird Flock Together Photograph by Emmy Horstkamp 2-016

I’ve been working on the Munich Artists 14 day colour challenge this week.

This is something I’ve been doing for the last year and I really enjoy it – creating challenges for artists.  There are no rewards or prizes for the artists. If they finish the challenge, they have a body of work and the satisfaction of finishing a short term goal.

The challenges are not competitive and the artists are happy to share their work on our Facebook group for challenges.

For this challenge, I thought about doing one photograph and then one drawing/doodle but that isn’t working quite right. I did a sketch/doodle today in My Brooklyn sketchbook but I didn’t want to share it with the art group. It was at that moment, when I didn’t want to share, that I realised it was ok not to share and I will just post a photograph and leave the drawings out of the equation.

Why was it difficult to share the sketch?  I found it too personal and I guess when my sketchbook is scanned into the digital archives, it will be available to everyone but at this moment, I didn’t want to have immediate feedback on a personal experience which is what the sketchbook is recording (a sketch diary of 30 days.)



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