Crush Installation at Odeonsplatz

Here is the Odeonsplatz Installation.  There are four pieces of artwork and a video.  The installation is called Crush.

It originally was about a man I saw in the subway and then nobody showed up at my studio at Frauenstrasse 18 and I decided that the Crush would be TMNK a/k/a Nobody.   12469613_888031357971622_8695749958193068189_o

The piece on the left is by me (Emmy Horstkamp) and the piece on the right is by TMNK “Nobody.”   The video which is behind Nobody in the photo below loops from 900 in the morning until 2200 in the evening.  The video was created before the artwork and talks about being crushed.12494540_954368164618331_1522659990_o

The artwork on the wall is “crushed” together as the artwork would be on a street wall.  Nobody wanted the artwork to be on all four walls of the window but, if I asked him to paint a street wall several times, you would only see the last work which is what I’ve done in this installation. Behind my plan b Dorothy image and his praying man are two more images he created while at my studio.12494600_954368694618278_1762917436_o12511012_955085537879927_1609302309_o

The installation will be on the walls until the 30th and then I will be installing a new installation that will be up during the month of February.  The opportunity to put a second installation on the walls was offered to me yesterday and now, I have a few weeks to make a new video and artwork for the walls.  This time, the installation will be just me.  I don’t have time to collaborate with another artist but I have an idea for the video. This time, I will be working with the whole space of the window including the glass. (I have window markers and I’m not afraid to use them.)

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