The Crush Installation

I have an installation starting on January 4th with an American street artist.

Because he didn’t want to work on a blank canvas I transferred some photographs onto the paper using acetone.
 After a few hours, I ended up with these delicate abstractions.

When the street artist arrived and tackled the paper, I realized the delicate prints were no match for the ink drawings of the artist.  I would need to rethink the installation.

After working with the four art pieces, I decided to call the installation “crush” and use one image by the street artist and one by me for the front part of the installation with the other pieces layered closely behind as a deconstructed graffiti wall.

With the walls of my studio full, I grabbed the paper roll and took it home and taped it to my living room wall and started working.

To balance the installation, I needed to use an outdoor art voice not my indoor quiet/calm voice. I have never used an outside voice when painting so I wasn’t sure what would happen.

Here is my outdoor voice with the help of “plan B Dorthy”


Ink,marker,acrylic paint on paper.

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