A Trip on the Ubahn Inspires


And the transformations continue.

There are a few American photographers playing with this idea of layering encaustic prints but from what I can see, they are leaving one in the original colour and then desaturating the top layer print.   As an artist, I see no reason to use encaustic and not manipulate the image a bit more by adding colour.

The photo above consists of two prints layered on top of each other on a light box so that the colour from the bottom layer comes through.

I’m really enjoying this process and will be using a variation of this technique for the January installation.  The installation piece is 3 Meters wide but will be segmented into strips of paper.  I will not coat the paper in encaustic… yet. I have to see tomorrow if a variation of this technique will work. I will probably use the encaustic to add stripes or words so you can see the next layer but the layers will be overlapping so you can see the background but not all of it.  (like knowing a bit of someone’s history but never all of it.)

There will be a video with the installation and I have been taken video of the subway. I still need to write the story to go with the video but I was thinking of using a rap song from the street artist who will be working with me on the installation or a story he has told me over the last few days.

Either way, we will have a story incorporated into the piece maybe about transformation, love and hope or maybe about  an American falling in love with a German.




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