New Hello M.E. Postcards arrived.

emmy horstkamp post cards

This week postcards arrived for my Hello M.E. series.  I decided to add my photo and digital artwork to the back.  Super happy with the cards because the front are glossy so I can tape them places and the back is matt.  The face image is really really dark black too.  Excellent.   For this run, I added the made your bed website.  For future runs, the will have this website or the hellome cards website.

Today I worked on the Munich Artists proposals for 2016.  We have four or five larger projects planned for 2016 and 30 day art challenges.

For the rest of 2015, we will be doing one day on site art challenges  and an advents challenge for the Holiday Season.

We have been looking around at spaces for the “Made Your Bed” art installation series but I came up with an alternative option and I hope the city loves it as much as I do.   You never know…

If you live in Munich and you own an ugly building and you want some interesting street art on it, please let me know.  We are looking for an ugly wall in need of some interesting urban art.

Also, if you have a space you want to “donate” to artists for an exhibition of their artwork, please let me know.