Just In Case You Don’t Know What Emotion You Are Feeling When You See My Art….

Here are lots of words for you to use.

As a creative, I try to incorporate emotions into my work that are more nuanced than angry, happy & sad.  When you look at an art piece I’ve created, I want you to think of all these words.

UPDATE:  I’m almost done moving all my artwork finished and works in progress to Frauenstrasse 18.   This move was not easy and I’m still emptying out shelves and nooks and crannies of my apartment where I stashed art supplies.   I will not do an inventory over the next few weeks and begin the process of organising my studio. The only art related materials that will remain at my house are screen printing because they need a big sink to wash the screens and my studio has only a tiny little sink that barely fits your hands.

Also, I’m currently working on my sculpture/Installation for the Long Night of the Museum.  I need to work on this piece at home because it uses a very large mattress spring and there is no room for this piece at the studio. I will share some images as the piece progresses.  I will start working on the piece this week and plan on being done with it next week.  The sculptural element is combined with a digital notebook where people will write their dreams.  which will then be placed on a website created for the installation piece.

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