Day 7 of Current Munich Artists Challenge Goes Out of Control

It began on Saturday. I was stuck at the Munich airport waiting for a delayed flight to land and decided to fill the time with some app spiel.  

After an hour of playing with two photographs, I found myself filled to the brim.  I couldn’t look at the photographs anymore and I wondered if an hour was my limit for iphone photo app manipulation.

I tried again yesterday and then today and I can definitely say that one hour is about as much time as I’m willing to play with two photographs on my iphone.  After an hour, I start to get annoyed that I can’t remove a particular colors or be more precise in the way I’m layering. After an hour, I want my photoshop so I can make the art exactly the way I want it.

Below are some examples of how the two photos were blended today on my iphone. You can see how I went from vertical to circular and how I melded the two images together.  The second image was one of my art pieces from the disk challenge.

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