emmy photo collage isarprinzessin and lond on streetart

Playing with an Instagram Photo

In my instagram feed, this self portrait by Isarprinzessin flew by and I decided I wanted to play with her face and this great eye expression looking upwards so I took a screenshot of the image and did the following:

Actual screenshot of isarprinzessin this morning with the title confusing world.
the photo grunged up in my snapseed app.
put the photo intomulitexposure and combines it with an image of the Munich sky to get the tones of blue. This app crops into a square for instagram so I had to pick what part of the photo I wanted. I wanted to keep Prinzessin and Instagram so off went her chin.
the filters in multiexposure allow you to do very graphic work. I liked this image very much but decided not to share it on instagram. I think I will use her face more often (I have permission to use this photo. I asked before posting because I live in Germany and there is no fair use of intellectual property.)

The next three photos are the most like Graffiti which was my initial aim when I saw her instagram photo.

  This is a girly photo.  Street art butterfly from london and then Instagram photo combined.

BNW version of the girly shot which feels less girly with the color removed. I think I will use this image as a background for some word art.

The image below is my favoruite but not liked on instagram (I’m guessing b/c of the religious reference).

I saw this rosary hanging on the side of the garbage room and I snapped a photo yesterday and then when I saw her looking up in the instagram photo, I decided I wanted her looking up at the rosary.  I have the Mullraum sign in another shot but I didn’t want to be so obvious for the internet. I will save that for a piece of street art.  The combination of the two photographs seemed appropriate for her caption “confusing world.”

I think religion makes the world confusing for many people especially when you are introduced to many religions and cultures. This confusion makes people step away from God instead of searching for him.  People search for something else thinking that religion equals God instead of questioning the religions that try and enforce a concrete idea of God.  Having grown up Catholic, I discarded religion as unnecessary for my spiritual growth when my experiences no longer matched with the religious dogma and could never be aligned.  I do respect other people’s need for religion so I asked permission before posting this image. I I didn’t want to offend isarprinzessin  if she had a strong belief in a specific religion.  I had permission to use the photograph but I wanted to make sure she was ok with how I used it. I got the green light on all the types of collage work so that is why  I’m sharing it with you. If you have a photo / self portrait that you want me to use for a collage, you are welcome to send it to me at emmy@kyfio.com   Please make it very clear that I have full permission to use the photograph under the creative commons and since I sell my artwork, I would need this stated very clearly.

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