I’ve Got a Bike And so Does Every German Which Is Why I Made This a Theme for Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge

You can’t hide behind your bike like you can hide behind your car.  If you see someone you don’t want to see, you have to hop on your bike and ride like a madman in the opposite direction.  Bikes and Wheels are a favourite for my street photography but not for my illustrative art. I once drew a pen and ink of wheels and the art instructor kept telling me they represented breasts. Since then, I take out any kind of sexual reference from my work when it includes wheels or two circles (when I can.)

If you know me, I’m not focusing on sex. I focus on things like my sanity, your sanity, home, my cultural identity.  Sex is not a topic. The closest I got to making a sexual piece was last week’s encaustic piece which was sensual but not erotic.  Brigitte Pruchnow touched the piece which made me happy but panicky after someone bought it. Such a dilemna when an art piece has been made to be touched!

When my art is still in the studio, I can do what the heck I want with an art piece but once it is bought, the buyer has an expectation that the piece will look like the photo/exhibition display/studio visit. The piece is at my house right now until it is collected and it is hard not to go and melt the circle a bit and add a bit more wax.  luckily I have another piece that I’m working on with the same words to distract me. It will be more illustrative with hands… I think.  I find with encaustic, my plans just go flying out the window after the second layer of wax.  It is just too much fun and I enjoy more abstracted pieces even when I’m collaging.

“Hello. Touch Me.” Encaustic on Wood. July 2015. 40 x 40 In Private collection. (Sold.)

This morning the theme is bikes and I started snapping photos of bike shadows and the table at a cafe near Gartnerplatz.  I would have snapped a photo of the two gay men pinching each other’s nipples while on their bikes and waiting for the light to change but I am supposed to be photographing myself so I refrained from taking the shot. Also, in Germany I would need their permission to use the photograph and that is a kill joy for spontaneous shots like the image I saw.  Your behaviour in Germany is private unless a group of you are pinching each other nipples, then I could photograph you but then I would not be interested because it would probably be photographed by 100s of other German photographers.   Back to bikes.

Closeup of the cafe table. I like the textures in this shot.
shadows near my cafe table which include a bike.
shadows near my cafe table which include a bike.
Hiding behind my bike
Hiding behind my bike
Same hiding shot in monochrome
This is how I stand when I’m waiting for the light to change. I used a tripod and an arm to capture the overhead shot.
I like the handle bar shot and may try a closer version of this later on or one that is even higher up. The problem with this shot is that I look like a playmobil character.
Let the fun begin. collaging the images shown above.
second version of monochrome collage
Now bring in the colour.
Looking for ways to break up that big black block from the original shot. I added the bike shadow from the cafe table.

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