The Garden – Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge

The last couple of days I have been taking only one to three photos and layering them into a final piece which means I did not have extra shots to share. Today’s theme changed that. I have lots of photographs that I’m happy to share.  I took the shots using my tripod, a photo stick attached as an arm (cost is 8 Euro for those silly arms everyone carries around) and my iphone 6 plus (photo processing in snapseed). Here I am playing explorer in my garden.

Emmy Horstkamp Exploring her Garden
I like this photo so much I may print it. I decided to use the grunge filter on snapseed which added the nice texture. It is the first time I’ve used the grunge filter and I’m happy with the results. I may even use this shot in an ecaustic piece.
Emmy Exploring black and white
This is the exploring shot desaturated. The garden is so full of color right now that it overwhelms me. All those shades of green! I will have fun playing with this shot in all kinds of arrangements. I tried the grunge filter and loved it and will work on creating an illustration around the photograph (now that I have a lightbox I can do that.)
Desaturated and blur added. I wanted to focus on me as a plant in my back yard reaching my hands up to the sun. (I shot this in the morning.)
Desaturated shot. I love this photograph in both color and without color thanks to the sun’s yellow on my skin. I promised myself to do everything on the phone for the challenge but I may take this photo into photoshop and do a bit of work just to clean it up a bit.
It isn’t as dramatic with colour but I love the color on my skin from the light. I wish I had moved over a bit so that it touched both arms. I will work on this photo in photoshop but I like the composition. I also think this shot will go into my illustratation folder. I want to make that into a little series.
Desaturated iphone 6 plus photo. I like the composition. I like this shot better without color but then I like most things without colour.
emmy in garden with sun on face and eyes closed
I would work on this photo in photoshop to differentiate the greens a bit. It feels like they are all the same right now. I would want them to be darker. I would want those leaves on the ground to be more prominent. I am ok with me. I can’t straighten my shirt without being too invasive but I might crop it a bit more.
emmy and a tree
I used this shot for the challenge. I found it funny. It reminds me of those baby shots where people pose babies in weird angles or a shot from the 20s where a woman is doing something very athletic but wearing high heels and with full makeup. I tried making myself look like I was being swallowed by a plant… my backyard is in full foliage and is a bit like a jungle. My hair is everywhere too which would drive some people crazy but it is how my hair is.  It is always all over the place except the hour when I leave the hair salon.

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