Day 13 – a flute shows me I need to do sit-ups 

Shots for today using iPhone 6 plus 

emmy horstkamp flute
where did i put my flute?
emmy horstkamp flute ii
why flute why?
Ok, this self portrait challenge has shown me that I need to get back into an exercise routine. I happily live  my life in my comfy clothes, making art and writing and then I see myself in an overhead shot and I’m like holy shit! 

Babies!! It is all their fault. I had a tight tummy until two pregnancies. Now my stomach muscles are so happy to be loosely goosey and I have no sense to hold them in for the ten second I’m shooting or to get up fifteen minutes early to do situps so they have some discipline.  Oh well,  I put the shot in noir to help you focus on the flute and I’m going to dig out my yoga mat and running shoes and have a tummy boot camp over the summer holidays. 


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