Oops day 9 ended up on Munich artists. I’m not awake yet!

This was a fun photo session using my iPhone 6 plus, my finger and a leather string. I was unmotivated to use another part of my body. I tried my neck but I didn’t like the shot. It looked too cutesy so I went in the other direction and decided to focus on something not cute at all.   I first wrapped my finger with the leather string and then let it unravel. I loved how that looks and started to take photos. I focused on my middle finger because I have a high tolerance for bullshit but when I have reached my limit, I would love to have an elegant way to tell people to *uck off.   That is what I’m exploring with this photo sequence.  Ways to make this symbol more elegant.

This was the hardest side to shoot. My hand is all twisted around so that the camera can capture the shot against the wall. very uncomfortable and my finger was unable to stand straight.

I like this shot the best. It isn’t so obvious that it is my middle finger. I also love how the string is draping over my thumb.
I experimented with the blue screen of my computer. Too dark for me but I might try playing with this idea again.
Closeup of my finger as the leather ribbon is unraveling
This was one of the shots I took before I decided to focus on my finger.


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