Tools of my day 7 -Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge 

I was born in the Northern part of the US close to Canada so I consider myself a snow baby and enjoy the weather when it dips below chilly.  This heat wave that we are having is not in my weather pleasure zone and has me a bit grumpy.

My hispanic background means that a few rays of sun darken my skin to a shade close to chestnut.  Most days I must wear the appropriate head gear so I don’t end up with raccoon eyes or a weird farmer tan. Most days I don’t wear the appropriate head gear so I end up with a weird farmer’s tan and racoon eyes.  If I still lived in Singapore, I would carry an umbrella and wear long arm guards but here in Munich, I wear a bit of sun screen and keep out of the sun during most of the day.

Now, for my photos.  Today, I’m a bit busy so I decided to show you that I do own a big camera and that I do have a studio. 
This photo is saying “I love you camera so much that I will try and eat you.” I’m a canon, iphone girl.  Don’t try to change me or hate me for my choice of photo equipment.  You can hate me for living in Munich, Germany if you want.  I live in the land of beer, pretzels, dirndls, mountains, fast cars and happy Germans.  I can understand hating someone for that kind of life.
I could have stopped with the first photo but it wasn’t quite what I wanted to say.  My camera is not my only equipment so I took a photo of me, my camera and my paint but the shot makes my paint look like a prop instead of one of my tools so I needed to think a few seconds more about it and reshoot the shot.  
This is the final shot. I fixed the prop feel by hugging both my paint and my camera because they both are all MINE and I wanted to make sure you knew it. I am really this possessive over my art tools but I always love sharing art ideas and collaborating on art projects, just bring your own gesso and cameras.  I also want to point out that I don’t brush my hair.  It’s not a European thing. It’s an Emmy thing.

What tools did I use for today’s photo shoot?  I used my iphone 6 plus propped up against my apple laptop screen.  I changed the angle of the shots by changing the angle of the screen.  Very high tech. I tweaked the colour of the photo using a program called snapseed. The first photo is an unedited jpg and the last two are edited in snapseed. (an iphone app)  The app is easy to use and allows you to save the edited version as a copy. I upload the photos directly to WP from my iphone 6 plus.  I’m trying to do most of the photo editing for this challenge on my iphone and if possible keeping the editing to a minimum.  I’m a minimal kind of photographer as it is and I don’t play too much with photoshop except for removing elements like colour or cigarette butts.   My style is to desaturate shots.  I feel that colour sometimes is just too overwhelming and people are not focusing on what I want them to see… I want you to focus on how I see the world. (A big challenge for me.)

For the weekend, I’m working on the pages of my photo book/participatory art book.  It will not be titled Participatory art book because Germans can’t get around drawing in books so I’m calling this series bookzines so that the Germans will draw, colour and collage in my book series.    I’m not worried about the rest of the world, you guys know how to let go and have fun with art but I have to figure out a way to get more Germans to let go and take a chance with their creativity.

One thought on “Tools of my day 7 -Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge 

  1. I was mad about photography in the late 70s. Once I submitted three poems to HARVEST, the University of Houston’s literary magazine. At the last minute, I included an 8 x 10 black-and-white photo that I had printed in the university darkroom. The poems were rejected; the photo was published.

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