Day 6 Rain or Shine My Umbrella is By My Side – Munich artists self portrait challenge.

As luck would have it, the day where the theme is umbrellas, we have puddles from last night’s thunderstorm.   Walking to the studio, I took the following shots with my iphone 6 plus.

emmy horstkamp - Munich Artists - Day 6 - Umbrella
Cause I’m carrying an umbrella but don’t need it and hate carrying an umbrella.
emmy horstkamp, lopsided photograph july 2015
I liked the hues of this shot and how white my shoes ended up looking. Also it looks like a butt or someone’s breasts in the street, lopsided but that is OK
This is a photo I snapped as I walked and my iphone decided to overexpose the shot. I love this shot. tweaked a bit to make the umbrella a bit more vibrant. A bit too abstract for the challange for me. I know how to make abstract, that isn’t a challenge for me.
Emmy horstkamp photograph july 2015 leaf shoes umbrella
I love the color of my umbrella and the leaf. I don’t love the cigarette so I will probably photoshop it away someday.
I like this shot. The vertical and horizantal. Placement of umbrella is not ideal. Looks like I have penis envy.
emmy horstkamp glass reflection shoes umbrella
I love this shot. I love that the sign says that all shoes are 30 percent off and my shoes are right above the sign. I love the winter scene reminding me that at least I only need an umbrella today.



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