Day 5- Lines – Sometimes I Need to be Dragged out of the House. 

Today’s Munich Artists Challenge for day 5 is line. I thought this photo would be a good starting point. Walking my dog (s) is the first thing I do every morning before breakfast or even my coffee.  Winston is very patient so he let me play around with the shot. He is not a morning dog so he was happily waiting as I tried to make it look like he was pulling me.
This photo below showcases more lines.  Three wobbly lines of stone.  A chalk line that one of the neighbour children drew in the cul de sac (literally all around the cul de sac which made me wonder if that little person is going to be an engineer,) and then my two shoes in a line.  Now that I’m done snapping the self portrait for the day, I’m going to work on making the photo below into a colouring doodle page.

Munich Artists Pole with paper taped on it by Emmy Horstkamp

See you tomorrow.

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