Day 4 Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge – And Then There Were Two

For day 4 of the Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge, I focused on both hands which meant letting go of the camera.

My iphone 6 plus is in a leather case that allows it to be propped up when I’m too exhausted to hold the phone… that would be Never.

This morning, I used this special feature to keep the phone steady while I snapped photos of my hands at my desk.  The first image below shows my hands with one of the colouring pages I’m working on for the first Munich Artists Colouring bookzine. Hopefully you will have fun colouring and scribbling all over Munich, Germany.

After snapping the first photograph, I turned to the stack of Hello Me cards that I typed out this week.  As you can see, I have no clue how to format using a manual typewriter so everything is off.  My business partner saw this and shrieked (He is German.)  I loved the fact that I typed words and they are all over the place.  I also love that the person who read it was more interested in the formatting rather than the content.  I feel this is a commentary on German society.  If you are not German, remember that Germans are awesome at editing and will critique your writing or anything else you put in front of them without you having to ask.   Get used to this behaviour and you will live happily in Germany. If you take it personal, you will be very, very sad especially when your children chime in and ask you to refrain from speaking German because it isn’t fluent enough and it hurts their ears.

Hmmmm back to my art. 

Here you are seeing a second image of me holding the card.  I increased the amount of shadow reflecting through the card by holding it at a different angle.  

Below is the last shot for today.  It is my hands with more than 115 unformatted quotes.  I joked with my BP (business partner) that I would take the quotes and put them into a booklet so that Germans can correct them as a destresser.  What do you think? If you are German, would you find it fun or relaxing to correct my typed sentences?  We are going to do a test next week with some of his employees.  I’m curious if they will enjoy it or say they enjoy it because they want to make him happy.   I will be scanning these cards into the computer to work on them and then cutting them up and adding each page into an encaustic art piece or maybe adding  them to the long night of the museum installation. (October 18, 2015 Munich, Germany. Put it in your calendar and come see me on the bus route.)
Emmy Horstkamp - hands - shadows - text- words - self portrait

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