Day 3 – Mirror Mirror Tell Me Something New

Today’s theme for the Munich Artists Self Portrait Challenge was Glass/Mirror.   I don’t spend lots of time looking in the mirror so this challenge required that I think about my interaction with mirrors.   Most of the time, I use mirrors for utilitarian purposes such as checking to see that I don’t have something in my teeth or to check to see if my clothes are looking ok.   I find mirrors unsettling because they send back to me information that doesn’t always fit with my brain’s idea of the world.  I know part of this is distortion or the fact that my brain is on a different timeline than my body.

This morning, I grabbed my iphone and took it to the bathroom so that I could use it as part of my morning routine.  At first I used the iphone as my mirror and held it as my mirror while I curled my eyelashes and added my mascara. It was while I reviewed the shots that I realised the towels behind me are all over the place. 

Here is my face and how I apply foundation. Does anyone else start critiquing their faces when they look at self portraits? 

This is me after I smear the foundation into my face.
Emmy Horstkamp Self Portrait Challenge

I decided to try and move the shot to the mirror but didn’t realise that my toothbrush would be in the shot.  I didn’t want to feature my toothbrush so I decided to move on to the hallway to check my outfit and make sure that my clothes looked O.K.

I have a full length mirror in my hall which has a small bench.  I sat down and  took this shot trying to capture the feeling I have when someone sits too close to me.

I liked the shot below but wasn’t so keen on the background which seems to be part of the composition but has nothing really to say except that I cleaned my floors yesterday with a mop.

This image below is what I decided to use for the challenge. where I seem to be happy to be with myself.  I decided to name this photograph, “which is your chocolate side?” If you are German, you know what that means.  If you are not German, the Germans have a saying that says everyone has a chocolate side which is their good side, the side that is shown to everyone,.  In English, it would be your best foot forward.   Here, I’m putting my best face forward.

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