Emmy Horstkamp day 2 airport waiting

Day 2 Munich Artists Challenge – keep it bright at the Munich Airport

Hello Sun.  Thank you for bringing me the intensity needed to complete today’s challenge.    the shots today were taken at the airport.  No airplanes were used in my photography because how cliche would that be.  Instead, I focused on the waiting for the plane to arrive.  What around me symbolised waiting?

Birds eating crumbs off the ground.  Whether it is the train station in Paris or the airport in Munich,  little fearless birds hop around under cafe chairs looking for crumbs. I watched the bird today as he hopped centimetres from my feet.   My first thought was that I could stomp on the little bird. (How mean of me.) Then I thought,  how could this bird hop so close to something so dangerous when other birds will stay miles away?  My next thought was how evolved this species is that it knows that a human is a source of food.  Unluckily for this little bird, I was just drinking a coffee as

I sat on chairs filled with holes.  Circle shadows created by the chair surrounded me but did not involve me which is required by today’s challenge otherwise I would have used this shot below.

Traveler with luggage. They were everywhere and impossible to miss because I was sitting between the parking garage and the airport.  I liked the shot below but I wasn’t quite sure how to stick my hand in this shot without it looking contrived so the shot remained emmyless because my brain wasn’t powered up yet.

Cup of Coffee. Here I am reaching for my glasses. I have a few shots reaching for glasses or my cup of coffee.  I wanted to focus on this cup because it is a stark contrast cup and I loved the words on it.  The cup tells you that I’m in Bavaria , Germany and promotes the regionalism that I embrace with Munich Artists.  The fact that it is written in English instead of German or Bayerish is funny to me.  It is not like the people who are coming from other countries have a choice.  No one is running around saying, ” I need Bavarian milk,” at the airport.  They are saying, “I need COFFEE,” which is what my friend texted to me when his plane landed. He wanted a Starbucks coffee so the little local cafe could not compete with the global brand, their marketing plan to provide Bavarian milk was not enough of a draw.

Here my hand has agreed to be the prop holding the cup. See my long finger nails.  This is a sign that I have been working with encaustic and not acetone or mediums where I ‘m sticking my hands into the medium.  I can’t stick my hands into hot wax and I have to keep my hands away from the heat gun so my nails have had time to grow… always sharing important information and providing you with special insight into my life.   For art purposes, I love the strong horizantal /diagonal lines.  Three of them formed by shadows and then my hand and the person’s feet dragging you through the rest of the shot.  Hurray.

This shot was my still life shot.  I love how my glasses reflected on the metal table.  I have a few other shots where there are white orbs in the glass reflection but you may be already overwhelmed by photos of my glasses, a cup and my hand so we will leave those out.

Here is my silly side.  My first thought was about those photos where people make themselves hold the eiffel tower.  Then I thought, “ET phoned but his flight was delayed by a line of more important airlines making his ride home wait in a nearby coffee shop.”

I hope you have as much fun playing with shadows and the strong summmer sun. If for some reason you have no sun where you live, use a lightbulb or a flashlight to create strong shadows.

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