Me and My Shadow – An Encounter with A White Line – Photo Self portrait Challenge Day 1

For day 1 of the Munich Artists self portrait photo challenge, I snapped photos of my shadow, my shoes, and a white line.  The encounter with this white line was not planned.  I went to a specific grocery store where I could buy lemon diet coke, a rare and cherished beverage on a sweltering summer day and met the line as I exited my car.

Closing the door of the car,  I looked down and saw how strong my shadow was so I decided to take a photograph.  I liked how the shadow and the white line interacted so I ended up playing a little bit with the line before heading into the store.   The last photo in this series is one I really like because it looks like the white line is coming out of my head.  I  don’t like the tire to the right and I won’t be able to crop it out but I will remove it in photoshop.  I just wanted to share the raw photos before I take them and manipulate them into an art piece.


If you need the full list of themes, you can find them on the Munich Artists Website.

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