Wax on. Wax Off. Wax On. Work in Progress.

Here is a work in Progress.  This is the second layer. I’ve applied wax to both sides of this paper which already had an abstract ink design on it.   The paper has been fused into the underlying wax

Emmy Horstkamp circle paper wax wood ink july 2015

Where did it go?  It is still there under the white layer of wax.  I’m going to let this sit for a few days until I figure out if I want to add another layer of white and melt it more like the bottom circle.  There is so much energy that comes off of these pieces. It is pretty cool.  While I contemplated whether to work more on the larger piece, I created a smaller HelloMe photograph encaustic. I will share the piece with you tomorrow.  It will be the second piece where I’ve used my digital artwork collaged into an encaustic.  The larger black and white piece below contains some paper abstracts but nothing digital.  The size of this piece is 60cm x 80cm and it is wax,paper,ink on wood.


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