The Changes Come Through the Light

New Traffic Lights in Munich, Germany

Earlier this month, I noticed the change in traffic lights when I was heading down to the studio and I posted the photo on Instagram.  Now I see that a similar image is on CNN which is kind of cool.

I still have not seen the heterosexual light so I will go look for it next week. Theoretically, the two guy one could be unisex sort of like the gender neutral “He.”  Either way, I hope we get to keep the lights. It is fun to see them and they are such a lovely message of acceptance.  The lights also add a bit of charm to the neighbourhood.  Maybe we should have specific street lights for different neighbourhoods.  I would put the surfers down by the Haus der Kunst.  Put artists in Maxvorstadt.  Students near the University.  Cows down by the slaughter house.  Climbers down by my house where we have the largest climbing center in Europe.  Farmers down by the Large Vegetable Market.  Cars over by the BMW factory and Museum…  You get the idea.  Why should all the traffic lights look the same throughout the city.  We all know that stop is red and green is gooooooooo.

Emmy-horstkamp-traffic-light-munich-germany-july-2015 emmy-horstkamp-everything-for-the-men-july-2015

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