Work in Progress – Encaustic, Paper, Ink on Boards

Here  is the first piece I worked on today. It is part of a series I started earlier this year with small abstracts.  I’ve taken the small art paper abstracts covered them with encaustic wax and then put them on a encaustic board.

Emmy-Horstkamp-encaustic - ink Emmy Horstkamp - Encaustic - ink -

I loved how this piece developed so I went ahead and covered some larger ink abstracts with wax and have decided to collage them onto one of the larger boards I prepped yesterday.


The white paper is covered with an encaustic medium. I’m arranging the pieces onto the waxed board and then will fuse the pieces together. Still debating if I will add the human figure to this abstract or add another layer of wax on top and then a second layer of abstract. letting the pieces poke out in a sculptural way.

I have a few sheets which have an ink abstract that I will keep in their sheet format. I’m not sure yet if I will try attaching them to a board like the smaller board above.

I’m running low on encaustic medium so I will have to wait until later in the week to start working with my digital photographs and the encaustic.

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