emmy horstkamp encaustic

Encaustic – The quest to make digital have more value

emmy horstkamp encaustic

Today I wrote a post about venturing into encaustics.  An artist earlier this week told me not to go there. He believed I needed to stay focused in one area but I feel like I’m still focused on this quest to make my digital artwork mean something to me.  The quest just requires that I now use wax.

With encaustics, I’m taking a very old medium that isn’t so easy to manipulate and embeddign my digital artwork within layers of wax.  In the piece above, I embedded some of my words and layers of digital illustrated/photographed hats.  The piece started off with more text but those words are now buried under a few layers of wax.  You can see the first layers of art paper under the hats and you can see where I added white pigmented wax to the art piece.

This is an experimental piece before I start on the larger panels.  I have one or two more smaller pieces to work on before I start tackling those. I want to make sure I’m comfortable embedding the thicker paper that I’ve used for my digital photography. I also want to try out the inks before I start writing text into the wax.  In the piece above, I used printed text but for melting the text, I want to use Indian inks. (I hope they work)

All the materials for working with wax are on my patio.  Once Gunther Meliton’s digital work is no longer on the walls of my studio,I will be moving all the wax supplies downtown and then you can stop by and see me working on the encaustic collages.

I’m going to use the encaustic for my Long Night of the Museum piece. I’ve decided that the stories will be wrapped around the metal bed springs.  I have to be careful with this. The piece for October needs to be installed within two hours so I can’t have lots of little pieces sticking out nor can I be wishy washy about the setup.  All must be boxed up and ready to unpack which will take planning.     I will see the space where my piece will be installed on July 27th. I’m very excited to see where I get to put my larger encaustic sculpture. I’m actually kind of nervous too.   Unlike last year where we had several Munich Artists working on the installation, this installation will be just me.   I’m so used to working for the artists in Munich that it feels strange to be working just for the artist Emmy Horstkamp.

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