Digital Friday for a Digital Gal


Every friday (when I remember) I put out some artwork for Free Art Friday.  I created a Facebook page but, as with most things in Munich, things progress slowly. Unlike most Minga artists, I don’t give up easily.  Maybe it is my German blood mixed with my American optimism and my Spanish love of community but I believe artists and Germans can have fun together on Fridays.

Today, I decided to create a special page on my website and shared the password.

free art friday munich

The password protected page contains four digital art pieces based on a photograph that I took on Monday.  I love the way the tape has been abstracted in the black and blue image above.  I did not cut out the background but just layered the image and darkened the back to eliminate the fence.   The other four images I shared on the page are not versions of this image.  I decided to play this morning and created four completely different images using the same raw file so that there are four art pieces on the page in four different styles.

The images are being shared by password that are on a piece of paper in a plastic sleeve. The people who find the plastic sleeves labeled Geschenk are allowed to download the images and use them for whatever personal reason they want.  They do not have permission to publish the images in any commercial way but if they decide to make a wall poster, I would be really curious to see it and hope they share how they use the digital file.

For the next few weeks, I will be creating little stories and digital artworks to share for Free Art Fridays.  I’m a digital artist who wanders into traditional mediums to explore my feelings about digital but I always go back to digital artwork to play because I love how it allows me to share and explore and not be so freaking serious.

Have a great Friday. If you found one of my envelopes, please share how you use the image.