Demotivating Quotes

I live in Germany, the land of demotivation  which inspired me to create de-motivational quotes. I know de-motivational and inspiration don’t go together but I’m still an American ingrained with a high dose of optimism even after a decade overseas.  The demotivational quotes will be on the Munich Artists website during lent. I’m using the demotivational quotes as a warmup for a very dark book.  This book will be about Munich and the life of the artists who live here.  That is what two years immersed in the Munich Art world gifted me.  Thank you Munich artists.  The artists and the storyline are fictional and any resemblance to any specific artist in Munich is coincidence.   The characters in my novel will be a synthesis of the energies of the thousands of artists living in Bavaria.  Not any specific artist unless the artist has given me permission to include them in a scene or conversation with my fictional characters.