Munich Artists Going to Market on Feb 15, 2015

Munich Artists is going to market.  Munich Artists has been invited to bring artists to the MUC Food Lovers market in Sendling for their first event on Feb. 15, 2015.  Five artists will be testing out the new venue and seeing whether artwork sells in Munich at a flower market.

The event will be on a Sunday when the Munich flower market is closed and the host site has promised to heat the space to 15 degrees.  If everything goes well on Feb 15th, the organisers would like to make this a regular monthly event.  I’m all for new opportunities to sell artwork and I hope that if you are in Munich, Germany on Feb 15th, you will come and join us at the market.

Here is a short video about the markets in London.

Here is a video (not that great) that shows a few shots of the Blumenmarkt during the summer months.  I’m not sure you will be seeing dirndls and Lederhosen when it is only 15 degrees but there will be some music and lots of food.