Flash Fiction – Masterpiece

“Let go.” Whispered the soul to the artist holding on tightly to the edge of the painting. Her fingers pressed into the edge of the canvas making little dents but she couldn’t let go – not yet.

“I worked months on this piece.” The artist said as she leaned closer to the canvas taking a deep slow breath. The mixture of chemicals and sweat flared her nostrils as she stared at her work with a macro eye. Taking her free hand she skimmed the surface of the painting feeling the ridges of paint and adding another layer of herself to the piece.

“Let go.” said the soul as she pushed against the artists heart trying to release her from the art.

“No.” The artist shook her head and clasped her work to her chest.

With a sigh, the soul slipped away leaving behind her unfinished masterpiece clinging to a process and a piece of painted canvas.