A Practical Man and a Blue Train


He stood right behind her.

She watched him as he walked down the subway platform and lifted his head glancing away from his phone. She watched the balding man wearing practical glasses and practical shoes. She watched him until their eyes locked and then she avoided his gaze.

The man veered in her direction. She saw his shoes tap their way behind her where he stood in a space too close for a stranger to stand. There was a subway map plastered on the wall behind her and she hoped he needed some direction. There were two trains coming and she hoped that he was just a practical man.

It was hard to look at nothing. Her eyes moved from the sign to the tiles to the tracks and back again. She moved away from the wall and the map and the man standing behind her. She Inched her way to the train tracks and toed the white safety line.

Two trains- One blue and one Orange. She regretted that there were no crowds to get lost in as she waited for the wind to blow and the blue train to arrive.

When the wind came, it chilled her skin, a winter wind that blew all year long. The blue train glided into view and the doors to the last car aligned with her feet and opened. She stepped on board and the practical man followed. He stood opposite of her on the other side of the metal pole. She glanced at the practical man standing opposite her. A practical man wearing practical clothes attracted to an impractical girl.

He smiled and she smiled at him – a small wistful smile and shook her head. She waited for the warning buzz and then stepped off the train and back onto the platform. She saw him hesitate but stay where he was. The doors closed and she let the practical man glide away on the blue train headed away from where she planned to go.

From the platform, she watched the train disappear into the tunnel and let out a deep sigh. She looked away from the tunnel and up at the sign. Three more minutes to wait for the cold wind to blow and an orange train to take her home.