Drawing Challenge Catch up!


Favourite Character in one of my favourite cities!  I love Paris.   If I wasn’t living in Munich, I would live in Paris or NYC.    I love madeleine because she is small and not afraid. She is my role model and I have a little version of her in my house as a reminder that you can be small but if you are brave life can turn out just right.


My favourite Food item. Cherries in ANY form and variety.  This was a hard one to choose because I don’t have one favourite but one favourite in each category. THAT would have been a very busy drawing or more like a textile print which is a good idea.


My favourite place to be is in the driver’s seat of a very fast car.  Last year I had the opportunity to drive a Bentley sports car and even though it was the ugliest colour green I fell in love with it.  I’m a car girl (you would never know it). I love old classic cars and I love fast cars I think because I love their design so I must thank all the car designers out there because you have made some awesome cars.

My current order of dream cars:

  •  Bentley
  • Porche
  •  Mini
  • old corvette
  • old mercedes
  • old volvo (before the box).

Right now I drive a Mini and  I totally love it.  ZOOM!favorite-place-driving-a-car-emmy-horstkamp

My best friend which for the first time in my life is a guy. I’ve known him for almost ten years and we are like family. He held my hand and helped me find the way out of depression and he was there for me on some very scary days ready to fight to the death.  Thank goodness my life is a dark comedy and not a thriller and thank goodness he has that super practical German planning gene which mutated out of my body in 2002.hogerkern2014bestfriend