Day 2 Drawing Challenge : Favorite Animal

The challenge for today is to draw your favorite animal.

My favorite undomesticated animal is:

Giraffe loves me drawing challenge


This is my favourite zoo animal.  My favorite park animals are the two  ravens who follow me on my walks and try to protect me by swooping down and getting me to go in a different direction.  They were waiting for me the other day outside my house because I was late leaving for my walk. I think I’m their pet.

My favorite domesticated animals are dogs and I have three of them. I would have drawn Winston because he is so cute but then so is Zoe and Lucas so I decided to go with an animal not living near my house but down the street at the zoo.

This is a digital drawing. I collaged a few giraffes together from creative commons photographs and used them as the basis for my drawing.  I actually drew two giraffes but when I drew the second one it felt wrong as if there was not enough space for kissy giraffe so I decided he could just blow kisses to me.